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Misted glass occurs due to premature failure of the perimeter seal, which is dependent on how the sealed unit was originally made. Misted units can be easily replaced without little or no interference to the UPVC frame.

Misted Glass

Misted Glass Repairs Specialist

Misting of sealed units in double glazed windows is a common problem which often occurs after the guarentee on the units has passed. This can be easy repaired and usually fixed with little or no interference to the frame.

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The panes of glass used in double glazed windows are called sealed units. The panes are kept apart by a spacer bar which contains hundreds of small silica balls. These are the same balls that are usually found in a little bag which you get when buying electrical goods and trainers. They're used to prevent condensation by soaking up any moisture which exists in the air between the two panes of glass. After a few years the silica can become saturated and the moisture in the air is no longer be absorbed resulting in misted, or fogged up double glazing windows.